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Amanda J. Baugh

Environmental Humanities Scholar, Educator, Writer

Amanda J. Baugh is a scholar of the environmental humanities working at the intersection of religion, race, and environmental justice. She is a Professor and the Associate Chair of Religious Studies and Director of the MA Program in Sustainability at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Baugh's research on overlooked environmental actors stems from conversations with her students at CSUN, a Hispanic-Serving Institution in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley that serves many first-generation college students from working-class, immigrant communities. By interrogating raced and classed assumptions about who can be an environmentalist and what can count as environmentalism, Baugh's teaching, research, and writing aim to develop more inclusive, equitable, and effective forms of environmentalism.

Published Books

baugh comp final.jpg

Explores the contours of Latinx Catholic environmentalism

Forthcoming with NYU Press​​ in November 2024

Save 30% with the discount code NYUAU30​​

Examines negotiations of racial and ethnic identities as central to the history of religious environmentalism

University of California Press, 2016

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